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James and Rebekah Caggegi: Audio/Lyrics


(Neverending Love - 1993)
Will you listen to His voice?
He’s telling you to make a choice
Jesus said, “You must be born again”
Free from sin
Clean within

You could never live a perfect life
You may have tried with all your might
Come and know His gift of life
Run away from darkness
Look into His eyes

His love will change your heart
If you will come as you are
There’s no need to hide in the dark
He will heal every scar

More than the sand on a thousand shores
He thinks of you so much more
And He’s not very far from your heart
Listen to His call
Surrender all to Him

And His mercy never ends - it goes on
Put your life into His hands - oh won’t you come?

© 1993 James Caggegi